Does Prior Interprofessional Experience Influence the Attitudes of Graduate Healthcare Students about Interprofessional Education?

Preeti D. Oza, Kathryn C. Nesbit


Background: Educational background and students’ preparedness influence interprofessional education (IPE). We studied if healthcare students’ prior exposure to
interprofessional collaborations and education influenced their attitudes and
readiness for IPE.

Methods: Graduate students were surveyed in this cross-sectional study using the Readiness for Interprofessional Learning Survey (RIPLS). Independent variables included age, gender, type of healthcare program, diversity of clinical observation settings, and previous IPE coursework.

Findings: Sixty-eight completed surveys included 60 percent in the 20 to 25-yearold group and 78 percent females. Controlling for age and gender, MANCOVA showed no group mean differences in the RIPLS.

Conclusions: Students’ attitudes toward IPE are not associated with their professional program, previous IPE coursework, or exposure to interprofessional interactions in diverse clinical observations.




Interprofessional; Education; Readiness for interprofessional learning survey; Attitudes

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