Interprofessional Learning through a Digital Platform

Frøydis Vasset, Siri Brynhildsen, Bente Kvilhaugsvik


Background: Pedagogical methods that implement mutual learning are referredto as interprofessional learning. The aim of this study was to investigate nursing, biomedical science, and social education students’ experiences with interprofessional collaborative learning through a digital platform.

Method: Students from three university colleges met virtually and discussed a video taped interprofessional case. After the project, three focus group interviewswere conducted.

Findings: Three themes were identified: interprofessional collaborative learning, the use of a digital platform, and communication in virtual meetings.

Conclusions: Interprofessional discussions made students aware of both their own responsibilities and limitations and those of other professionals, in the process of creating a mutual understanding of an interprofessional case scenario. the facilitator is crucial to ensure a safe atmosphere and include all students in the communication process.



Interprofessional learning; Nurse students; Biomedical science students; Virtual meeting

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