Preparedness for Interprofessional Learning: An Exploratory Study Among Health, Social Care, and Teacher Education Programs

Kari Almendingen, Marianne Molin, Jūratė Šaltytė Benth


Background: Interprofessional learning (IPL) research is mainly restricted to health students. The purpose of this study was to assess the IPL preparedness of students from health, social care, and teacher education programs.

Methods and findings: This project comprised an exploratory cross-sectional
study and online questionnaire. Of the 221 students included, the majority had
learned about their own future role. In contrast, less than 20 percent had learned
about other roles.

Conclusions: This study suggests that teacher education and health and social care
students were not equally prepared for IPL. Future research should explore how
educators may balance an unequal understanding of roles among students.


Interprofessional learning; Professional roles; Health; Social care; Teacher education

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